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The '''Lancashire Parish Register Society''' is a historical society and registered charity. It was founded in 1898 for the 'purpose of printing the registers of the ancient parishes' in Lancashire. The society was formed at a meeting at Chetham's Library on 26 November 1897, but the year 1898 was fixed as the first year of the society's existence. The society became a registered charity (No. 511396) in 1981. Since 1898, the society has published 175 printed volumes of Lancashire's parish registers, as well as numerous CDs and CD-Roms. ''Lancashire Parishes for the Genealogist'' (Lancashire Parish Register Society, 2007), s. 1. ISBN 1-85445-157-X. The society published its 175th volume in 2012. ''The Registers of the Parish of Wigan, 1711-40'', ed. K. T. Taylor, Lancashire Parish Register Society, 175 (2012). ISBN 978-1-85445-171-2. Membership is open to all individuals and institutions interested in the parish registers of the...
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TypeHistorical Society
Statuscharitable organization|Charity
PurposeHistorical Study and Research
HeadquartersManchester, United Kingdom
LocationManchester Central Library
Region servedLancashire and Greater Manchester
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